Sharing and Helping

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What day is it? I was going to write Wednesday, but I see it’s Thursday. There are no boundaries anymore. Days are overlapping, underneath one another, the same over and over and over again. If we are lucky.

We are the lucky ones.

More recipes to come but wanted to come in and share a couple of things.

I am featured on the blog Design Mom this week. I love this blog and even more love the series so it’s so nice to be a part of it. Here is the link.

I am also doing a live chat to help raise funds for people struggling to eat from lost wages, lost jobs. My friend, the author Jen Pastiloff started the fundraiser and she’s helping so many people. I hope you can join us. We’ll be live Tuesday, 10:00 am PST.


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  1. John Amussen

    I love the Gulf Islands. When I was 12 my father had a friend with a cabin on Galiano; later, he and his wife built a house just north of Sooke on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I’ve always loved the ferry from the mainland, which re-orients you as you go to a slightly slower pace…

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