That’s the way the cookie crumbles

reddirtlattes/ April 28, 2018

I’ve lifted my head briefly from my world of stories and sniffles.  We outpaced all viruses all winter and yet I am felled right before my first exam.  It started with my daughter who brought it home from school.  She passed it to my son who shared it with me.  So we all three are sniffling and aching and coughing

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To the Pacific Northwest weather

reddirtlattes/ April 16, 2018

Dear Spring, I am going need to you to try a little harder. It was a very long, dark winter and while I appreciate your tenderness, I need you to assert yourself now, please.  Okay, yes, I did complain about your early arrival last year with a sun that blazed and scorched a bit too soon, so let me apologize.

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Little by little

reddirtlattes/ April 9, 2018

My silence is so full. In between hands reaching for me, my every moment heavy with things to do, care for, tend to, I steal chances, seconds, hidden moments behind doors. I am diving deep in these hidden moments, deep into my nights, into words, literature.  I have been inching my way towards a degree for what seems forever.  I

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My House of Belonging

reddirtlattes/ April 4, 2018

Fires still lit for early mornings and fading light at day’s end.  Skies filled with a sometimes warm sun riding on still too crisp breezes.  Spring seems to whimper in a corner as winter refuses to yield.  But our rhythmic days have returned after the whirlwind tumble of school breaks.  Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the mediative quality of the

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