Road trip

reddirtlattes/ March 27, 2018

After 23 hours of flying my husband arrived from South Sudan and then just hours later we all packed into the car to drive up the Pacific Rim Highway, to where the sea crashes into the shore on wild waves.  Our island is gentle, soft. Our shore is silent and meditative, calming. The open north Pacific, out there on the

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The unpredictable life

reddirtlattes/ March 23, 2018

I love this spot where the sky meets the sea. It is our playground. It is my heaven.  Every day, rain or shine, bundled against cold, or shedding against heat, this is where we come.  Living all over the world is so hard sometimes, but this is why we do it. Had Uganda not been so difficult we would have

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reddirtlattes/ March 21, 2018

  It’s the beginning of spring.  It’s spring break.  The rhythm of schooled days have turned into a tossed windstorm of bike rides, beach combing, farm visits, field running, and play dough covered hands. Children who never seem to stop moving, eating, needing, loving.  All day we play, run, eat, until we collide with our pillows at night.  Today, I

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reddirtlattes/ March 19, 2018

  My son and I found this piece of bark on one of our long beach walks. It is completely whole, round, having fallen off and come apart from a tree without breaking. I imagine the log tossed in waves, smashed against rocks, water massaging and tearing at the bark little by little until it unhinged itself and floated back

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Dear daughter, Dear son

reddirtlattes/ March 16, 2018

Be kind. I will show you how.  Be strong in who you are, but flexible. Allow for change. Make room inside yourself for growth, even when it scares you. Especially when it scares you. I hope I’ve shown you what bravery looks like.  Listen deeply, as I do to you.  Speak confidently, as you see me do in life.  When someone needs

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Winter’s edge

reddirtlattes/ March 13, 2018

  Warm days in full sun trapping us in joy.  A picnic on a colorful blanket catching shadows from buds just reaching up through the long browned earth. A stroll through our village watching shops waking from winter and cafés spilling over. A bald eagle playing chase with a raven outside our window, so close their wings seemed to reach inside to us.  Fingers pushing

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Pieces of me

reddirtlattes/ March 12, 2018

  Who am I?  Who are you?  Who are we?  A dearest of my heart, a dear dear friend who knows all of my secrets (shhhhhh) told me today I seem so strong in these posts.  Am I this strong woman on the mountainside?  Am I the scared woman under the bed in Uganda?  I am all of that. I

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Making sense of it all

reddirtlattes/ March 9, 2018

  As spring time approaches and the world around us wakes up, I am starting a new ritual  with my children. A few times a day we have to stop and pay attention to our senses.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you feel?  What do you smell?  At dinner we take a moment to close our

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Staying afloat

reddirtlattes/ March 5, 2018

I am often asked how I do it. How I full time mom with a little one still at home, no family around to help, studying late into the night for a degree. How I do it all by myself. How often I hear, “I couldn’t do what you are doing. How are you doing what you are doing?” Here

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The Storm

reddirtlattes/ March 2, 2018

I was told it didn’t snow on the island.  I was assured when looking at a house on the side of a mountain it did not snow on the island.  “The Caribbean of Canada,” I was told over and over again.  What I have since learned is that when a Canadian tells you it doesn’t snow they mean it doesn’t

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