12 thoughts on “visitor

  1. seyschwartz

    For a second I thought this was a rare white Gibbon or ape. But alas, I realized its marking around the eye is different, hence it must be a monkey.
    What kind is it? Those four teeth look awful menacing. Be careful with your youngins.

    Seymour Schwartz (that’s the grandfather in me writing or maybe a monkey’s uncle)!

  2. When you look at these animals every time you see them not a hair out of place, cheese and crackers i say, how i wish my own hair would be in place like that when i wake up and go to the mirror, but nooooooo, i get a scare and hold on the door frame not to fall on my behind, then think about these animals and sigh, then giggle thinking “man imagine what it would cost me in grooming fees having all that hair, lol but then again God gave them that benefit seeing they have so short a life span, at least they look good. And me well i need a hair cut there goes 20$, but in the thats one nice picture Sabrina of a beautiful creature. Nice shot.

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