Roman purgatory

It’s hot. Really hot. 98 (37) in the shade hot. Pure skin to liquid in the sun hot. It’s been this way for weeks, will be this way for weeks. On either end of the weather graph that I stare at endlessly the number refuses to move, as if they’ve fallen there with glue on their ends, forever fastening us to burn.

I am from Florida. We moved here from Uganda. And I have never seen anything like it. No rain, no breeze, each day bleeding into the next with such exact precision that if you laid each day on top of the other you would see not even the slightest variation, so exact in fact that I no longer believe anymore time is passing.

Rome is empty in this August heat. Either away on holiday or locked up in their homes until September brings relief, the Italians shut down this month. In my entire neighborhood there is one restaurant open for lunch. I see tourists, the few who did not read that this was perhaps the very worst time you could visit this city, walking past gated, boarded up shops, maps in hand, circling a maze of nothingness.

Perhaps some young American boys said it best. Passing my husband after an early jog, looking for something to drink in their desperate fight against quick-coming dehydration, and of course coming up empty, one turned to the other and said, “This is where you come to die.”

Or you can just let the mosquitoes eat you piece by piece, which believe me, they try.

12 thoughts on “Roman purgatory

  1. Good to know the rest of the world is suffering like we who have been left behind. Maybe enough of a critical mass of people will take it seriously enough to close down life in their communities until their governing so-called leaders make this climate change their top priority unshackled by ideological and political irrelevancy.

    BTW, what makes you think September will bring relief? For you and your families sake, I sure hope so. Even climatologists don’t dare predict even medium range patterns without tongue in cheek and fingers crossed.

    Since we are treading in relatively new territory, even geological history over eons gives little guidance.

  2. Phew, that’s hot. Here down South we’re still freezing (well, our version of freezing – in the teens (celcius) but Spring is starting to show, which is nice. I hope your weather man shows mercy soon-soon and you’re blessed with a good freezer for iced lollies! xx

  3. well. you’ve described the scorch perfectly. it sounds horrid! i apologize that i am currently one block from the atlantic ocean and partake and bob in it each afternoon :^)


  4. so happy i didnt even attempt to come don in aug. I looove the cool air in Stockholm and dread the heat and humidity of stockholm. I hope all is well and that i will see you before end of the year.

  5. I keep telling tourists not to come to Rome in August. It’s ALWAYS hot and everything shuts down.

    Next I will be like the locals and go to the mountains or the sea. This summer was beyond bananas.

    p.s. Welcome back!

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