6 thoughts on “Flower

  1. Sabrina, I found this site by accident just after you went into a hiatus. I got hooked on you when I began watching Numbers in reruns. And then I was thrilled when I saw Dopamine, a love story intertwined with the philosophical and scientific tug of war about attraction and love. You were so cute as a teenager in that movie with Patrick Swayze. You are a good actress, a beautiful young lady, and on this site, I discovered a very talented photographer and wonderful writer.

    Multi-talented and multi-facited people like you are rather rare. In Hollywood it is so unusual to find someone with a loving family and so willing to take risks and adventures to discover your ever evolving self.

    As a retired college professor, I am delighted you are at Columbia to expand your already sophisticated writing talent. My wife’s grandfather was a world famous philosopher of education at Columbia in the early to mid 20th century. Not everyone has foresight to take advantage of opportunities such as, I assume, your husband being stationed at the United Nations for a couple of years before his next overseas assignment.

    I am delighted you have posted something again, a flower and maybe when you are moved to write again, we will be able to read about your adventure in New York.

    I only wish you the best and appreciate such a wonderfully complex human being sharing her adventures in your life journey.

    Seymour J. Schwartz

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