A life in words

I fell down the rabbit hole, crawling through hell on Dante’s back, carried by him as he was by Virgil. I’ve been singing with the chorus of dear Oedipus’ fate and marveling at Ovid’s tree swaying in birth as its bark split open to give the world Adonis. I am battling seas with Homer and finding Utopia with More, to come.

To be a writer, I must read. Columbia University gave me my start, but as my life keeps moving forward, I realize there is no return to who I once had been. So to England, Goldsmiths college I went, by way of these keys, and into books I now surrender. In the spaces in-between, I am beginning to write my own stories, my own book of fateful tales.

I won’t be here much since I’ve gone back to the beginning. I will try and occasionally post something if I can find the time to ever look up, but Red Dirt Lattes will be a sleepier joint for now.

16 thoughts on “A life in words

  1. You’ve touched us with your acting, and here with your words and photos already – honing the written word is exciting and hopefully we may see you in a director/writer chair at some point down the road

  2. I second the motion,i truly hope to see you in the writer and or director seats,your pictures we’re totally cool except for the one with flames lol they we’re hot! Awe inspiring to capture flames like that was memorable,and its sad that we wont hear from you as much as we want but be sure we will wait patiently you are in our hearts and we will love it we you send us more of your pictures and thoughts enjoy your new endeavors and hope to hear from you soon take care Sabrina you will be missed but not forgotten,until your next post ttfn

  3. ah, so you will write differently..

    i write too, and when i have 12 or 14 hours in a day to write, to see no one, to chase the right word, i am in my own zone. i hope maybe sometimes you can check in here and either share or talk about how you are writing/

    the best, sabrina

  4. I am a teeny bit jealous. I want to stay at home and read and study and be the student; and then write and sweat out words. Enjoy..good luck…stick with it and come back to Red Dirt when you need us..

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