Tuscan twisting pt. 2

reddirtlattes/ June 8, 2011

I love people. Ada, a fellow yogi here with me on the retreat, went solo hiking through the woods. Me: “How was the hike?” Ada: “Great! I saw a wild boar.” Me: “What did you do?” Ada: “I didn’t explore the details.”   Still drinking, still twisting, still deliriously happy.             photos of me by

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Tuscan twisting

reddirtlattes/ June 6, 2011

Here’s what you get when you mix yoga and wine country: yesterday in class, here on my yoga retreat tucked into a Tuscan hill, after an all afternoon wine tasting, as we all bent and twisted in our vinyasa flow, the teacher said, “Okay, we are going to do some variations. For those of you who are drunk, just keep

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From concrete to vines to mountains to sea

reddirtlattes/ June 1, 2011

Summer is here. Storms hang in corners; windows are now perpetually open, as mosquitoes rest on my pillow waiting for me to sleep so that they can have their feast. I thought we’d left bed nets behind in Uganda, but this past week we found ourselves hanging them above and around our bed in Rome, so that once again night

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