10 thoughts on “The shore, Italian style

  1. Wow. I simultaneously want to visit the Italian shore now, whilst deeply unsure whether I could strip off to a bikini in that company.

    Italians do body confidence in a very un-British way!

  2. Love it. When we were in Malindi over New Year’s the beach was full of Italians and I was both amazed and impressed by their brashness. Wish we could all have a dose of that confidence!

  3. The conservative Yankee in me finds it all a bit unsettling (especially when I consider that I’m sailing on a European cruise line in December!), but the political liberal says “what the heck – live and let live!”

  4. Do you hide your camera to get these shots? I am always timid to shoot people.

    Just now catching up Sabrina, it’s so frustrating to not have a computer (going shopping tomorrow now that I’m back from NYC, iPads are not compatible with blogging!) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading. I like wanting to ‘see’ especially through others eyes…

    p.s. I did hug the city for you!

    1. Hi Lori.
      Hope your trip to NY was wonderful. Looking forward to reading about it on your blog.

      I didn’t actually hide, but I was laying down and shot from the ground, so more inconspicuous.

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