The advice

My husband was recently in Yemen for work. One afternoon, during lunch, an unnamed official from the Ministry of Education kindly offered him some help.

You see the conversation had turned from work to life and the difficulty on spouses who are moved from home to home, continent to continent where they alone have to set up shop and maneuver the streets, find someone to talk to, while the other is at work surrounded with like minds and breathing room.

“Yes,” my husband agreed, “it’s been hard on Sabrina at times.”

“I have some very good advice for you, young man,” the unnamed official offered.

My husband, very excited to come home with more than just good rugs for me, leaned in closer.

“What you need is another wife,” he said.

And don’t I love my husband for his response,

“But I like my wife.”

“Oh, no, you misunderstand me,” the unnamed official explained, “you can keep her, but you need another one to keep her company. This way, when you travel to new places, she will have a friend.”

My husband assures me he didn’t think about this for too long. What he did was take a moment and then responded in the most sincere way he could.

“No,” my dear romantic hubby said to the unnamed official. “I can’t afford another one.”

11 thoughts on “The advice

  1. Heh heh! We got married in Zanzibar and there was space on the marriage certificate for more wives! I think my husband said something similar! Hmmmmm.

  2. Ha! You have given me my Wednesday morning smile. Thank you. ( and yes we are quite expensive, what with rugs, good food, holidays and all.)

  3. I actually think this is a pretty good idea. Maybe a junior wife, not quite up to certain privileges. I can see how it would be nice for you to have somebody around the house, etc.

  4. Although, on a more serious note, several native American tribes, for example, the Sioux, had a similar practice. Not only did the women keep each other company, It also meant they had someone to share the workload, since all the heavy work was done by the women, plus, the practice of having multiple wives meant every woman had someone to take care of her, since warfare & hunting accidents often meant a shortage of men, which would have left some women husbandless, if other men didn’t marry them as addiational wives.

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