The Marocchino

This is a marocchino. It’s dark chocolate melted into a cup, then filled with lots of espresso, a little foamed milk, and topped off with more chocolate.

The first time I had it I thought, “Oh. This must be what it’s like to have speed injected directly into your eyeball.”

I’m not addicted at all.

11 thoughts on “The Marocchino

  1. Sarah Bernabe

    Oh! nooow I know what it looks like! Have been trying to imagine it! Could do with one of those right now!!

  2. Dark chocolate is my favourite thing in the world. Melted in a glass like that? I might (easily) be convinced to sell my soul for it x

  3. This looks and sounds so much yummier than the Marocchino recipes I see online. This one seems to have a lot more chocolate, and more dark chocolate can’t be a bad thing. If you happen to have preparation instructions to share, that would be great!

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