The Sabine Hills

reddirtlattes/ May 30, 2011

Just a 45 minute drive from Rome, you can climb up into the sky. Below you are cherry trees, olive trees, and apple trees, that you can stop and pick from along the way. As we drove back to the city, smog and noise welcoming us at the gate, it took all we had to not turn around and go

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Beyond wine and cheese

reddirtlattes/ May 29, 2011

Needing to see a lawyer, my husband’s office referred us to a swanky law office on the heels of the Pantheon. I showed up around noon on a Monday and knew I was pushing my luck, but amazingly the office was just opening. The lawyer was a type you see a great deal of here: bottle blond, thin as a

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reddirtlattes/ May 26, 2011

The world is small. This past weekend, while out for a walk with my amazing family, I watched my past crossing the street, coming right towards me. Where I could have been startled, I felt oddly peaceful, as if this were exactly how life was supposed to go: the people we know randomly appearing throughout it. Here was a dear

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Murchison Falls, Uganda

reddirtlattes/ May 21, 2011

It started innocently enough. We packed multiple cans of bug spray, knowing Murchison had been the downfall of many in the dance with malaria. No-one told us we might need a fire extinguisher, or better yet a helicopter. Murchison Falls is in the north of Uganda, bordering the Congo. A wonderful game drive with camping and lodges right along the

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The advice

reddirtlattes/ May 17, 2011

My husband was recently in Yemen for work. One afternoon, during lunch, an unnamed official from the Ministry of Education kindly offered him some help. You see the conversation had turned from work to life and the difficulty on spouses who are moved from home to home, continent to continent where they alone have to set up shop and maneuver

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Empire State of Mind

reddirtlattes/ May 16, 2011

I feel the pull. I think it started with a picture. Or maybe it was just a word. But the roots I felt were slipping, slowly untangling and shredding have found a concrete barrier and tug me back towards them. I don’t need much. Just a fix. Just to know it’s still there while we jump from place to place,

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