Rioting in Kampala

reddirtlattes/ April 29, 2011

Right now, as so many people in the world sit watching the royal wedding, riots have broken out in Kampala. As a couple is being made, a city is falling apart. My thoughts and prayers are turning to the  people there. May the Ugandan voices be heard. *update: 2 people lost their lives, many more injured. Dr Besigye is recovering

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The Princess of Rome

reddirtlattes/ April 28, 2011

One day in Uganda I was picking up our daughter from a play date and wanted to take her picture with her friends. There were two little girls, one her age and the other a few years older, around 6. In the pictures, our girl and the friend her age are smiling and goofing and completely uninhibited, whereas the older

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Start them early

reddirtlattes/ April 27, 2011

I was wondering today, as I drank my fourth cup of espresso and felt my heart pounding in my toes, how the Italians do it. Espresso, vino, molta pasta tutto giorno! And then I realized  the progression, the procession, that is a must to live the Italian way. Shunning pasta in favor of grilled salmon, I inadvertently stepped out of

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reddirtlattes/ April 25, 2011

Strange Easter. We had decided to spend it up north in an old monastery outside of Orvieto. Being an ex-pat, the holidays are more challenging. There isn’t a well-worn back yard for games and hunts, nor a comfy old den with closets full of decorations that only need a dusting and reason. No family to stop by with cakes and

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Roberto and Orte

reddirtlattes/ April 23, 2011

Feeling the need to get out of the smoke and noise filled city, we decided to head to Orte yesterday for a little medieval town exploring. I am not sure why we are constantly running to catch a train (3 year-old) or why we can’t ever stop to ask directions to help us in the ungodly maze of tracks (husband),

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reddirtlattes/ April 22, 2011

I am asked all the time what it was like to live in Africa. Not a day goes by that I don’t ache to one day live there again, explore it again, perhaps the west, or south, which surprises me, as life was not easy and I was happy to go when the time came. But Africa seduces you, claims

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La dolce vita

reddirtlattes/ April 20, 2011

Italians love their sweets. For breakfast it’s always, always dolce. You cannot find a plain croissant in Rome. Most are stuffed with jam or custard, and if you ask for a plain one it’s been glazed with sugar, because why would you eat it otherwise? And for treats throughout the day? Well, of course, more dolce. At my daughter’s school

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bluebird of happiness

reddirtlattes/ April 19, 2011

At the end of work on the first film I did, my sweet young co-star gave me a small glass bird, the bluebird of happiness. It became a symbol for me for the next 20 years. No matter where I moved, what hardships occurred, that bluebird was a reminder that someone and something had given me happiness. In our first

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